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How are Hologram Websites different?

For a start you don't have to build the site yourself. We do all the tech stuff for you (after all, it's what we do).

We also add your initial content for you so that by the time the site is ready for launch, it's all fully populated, configured and ready to go.

All you need to do is let us have your content and we'll handle everything else including your domain, your hosting and the launch of the site.

Can you walk me through the new site process?

It's all quite simple really!

Step 1 - Get in touch and let us know what you want. You provide your logo and business details and the initial content for the site.  

Step 2 - We set up the website and apply a theme to match your existing logo or brand colouring.  We add your content and send you a link to view the first draft.

Step 3 - You send us final amendments. We tweak the site and content to your requirements.

Step 4 - We launch the site. We host it (free for 12 months), set-up your email addresses and submit your new site to the search engines.

How quickly can you build my website?

We aim to get the first draft in front of you within 3-7 working days.  After that, once we've had your feedback, we can make the final modifications and get the site live in just a few more days.  If you're ready with your content, the whole process is usually completed within a couple of weeks.

Can I upload my own content and media?

Yes you can. Once the site is live, you are able to login to the site administration area and add new pages or edit the existing ones.

I don't want to update the site - will you update the site on an ongoing basis?

No problem.  We're happy to look after a site for the whole life cycle.  Just let us have your changes and we'll apply them to your site at a competitive hourly rate.

Do you charge VAT?


What happens after my free 12 months hosting expires?

After the first 12 months, we'll send you a monthly invoice for £10.00 to cover your site hosting and maintenance. There's no break in service and everything continues as normal.  If you'd like to cancel your hosting at any time then we just need one months notice - there's no contract or tie-ins. Our hosting is reliable and good value for money, so we hope you’ll never need to move.

What’s included in the site maintenance?

All technical support is included, so we’ll come to the rescue if:

  • Your website stops working for some reason
  • Your website is loading too slowly
  • You need help modifying the site content.

We'll also keep your site running smoothly with regular server software updates and health checks.

What’s not included in the site maintenance?

Following launch of your website, on-going support does not include:

  • Additional developments to your websites, e.g. if you want us to add new features or more design
  • Content changes to your website e.g. if you’d like us to change some text or an image. We encourage you to make the small changes yourselves.

What do you charge for additional development?

We charge a standard hourly rate of £40 per hour for website developments.

Will my website work across all browsers?

Yes your website will be cross-browser compatible meaning it will work well in the latest versions of all major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Will my website work on a mobile phone or tablet computer?

Yes. Your website is built using responsive design which means it will resize to fit whatever device it is being viewed on. This website also uses responsive design. Simply make the browser window smaller to see how the content reconfigures itself to the new shape.

What platform are your websites built on?

We build all of our websites using the highly acclaimed Drupal platform. It’s a very capable system that provides the basis for a very usable and stable website. You can also edit and update the site yourself at any time if you wish.